Have You Thought About What Success Feels Like?

 It feels AWESOME!!!


My name is Michael Quarles, Massive Investor and founder of I Buy Houses, Ugly Ones Too! and YellowLetters.com, and I would like to invite you to join me in my Coaching program.

Maybe you’re an active investor who wants to increase your game or just maybe you’re an investor looking for your first deal. Either one is fine.

Get ON-PURPOSE With Your Business!

What you will find joining my Coaching Program is an “On Purpose” approach to creating wealth through the buying and selling of real estate. When you join the program, you will be buying houses for Massive Profits.

A Duplicable System for Above Average Results!

During the program, you will learn strategies like Subject To, Seller Financing, and Wholetailing. It is an online Coaching Program geared at creating on purpose business so that you can predict and duplicate your results. I made this available to you by utilizing my years of marketing experience coupled with my extensive negotiation techniques and putting that into over 60 online videos, audio recordings, PDFs, resources, contracts, scripts, and much more, making you head’n’shoulders above an average investor.

Folks Let’s be Perfectly Clear About Your Future

Albert Einstein wrote:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Unless you’re already wealthy and have more money than you have ever imagined, you better stop doing what you’re currently doing. What you have done in the past HAS NOT WORKED! Stop doing it and start using my system to create wealth through real estate!

A Perfected Duplicable Turn-Key System

I’m very excited to tell you that I have developed the perfect system which allows anyone to immensely succeed in real estate investing!

Because This is the Same System I Use Today…

Yes! I do know this, because it is the same system I use today. I am not one of those guys you see on TV who talk about real estate investing but hasn’t made a single deal. I have made the deals. . . I walk the walk. My system has created hundreds of documented transactions in a single year… Folks, that’s hundreds of transactions bought and sold…This system flat out works and works well. It’s an Investing System that is working today!

Your Custom-made Repeatable Recipe!

What I have accomplished in real estate can be done again, and again, by anyone! All it takes is to repeat the effective actions that I have done.

Maaassive Results for Yourself!

So here is my question to you: would like to know how to accomplish massive results for yourself?

And folks, these results are huge… BIG NUMBERS like the time I purchased a house from a Superior Court Judge and made over $70,000, which was more than I paid for the house. The Judge told me “Mike you’re going to make over $60,000 on this house”. He was right! Why did he sell? The answer is in the power of my marketing and understanding negotiation.

Or the time a seller sold me their home for $200,000 and less than 10 days Later I sold it for $282,000.

Just the other day I bought a property for $40,000 and sold it within a week and made 27,000.

I can go on and on describing the deals I have done and the profits from the deals. However I would rather have you see for yourself and get to making these deals.

The plan for the online Coaching Academy is simple, to turn you into the “Go To” Investor in your area and set your future on autopilot TODAY!

The KISS Program

Here is what I have learned, the simpler things are, the more powerful they are, and the more realistic it becomes to allow anyone…including YOU…to REACH, OR SURPASS, YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTING GOALS!!

You can be successful in real estate, I know.

I Don’t Preach, I Create Real Estate Investors

Some of you have taken courses, purchased CDs, even gone to boot camps. If this describes you then let me forewarn you that you are in for an awakening like none before. My system does not preach to you about investing, it creates real estate Investors. It will teach you Investing and give you the systems to create unheard of wealth.

My program is geared towards implementing an on purpose system that will take you to your goal, whether that goal is One Hundred Thousand dollars or One Million.

The Most Important Components

During you journey in the Academy, you will be taught the seven most important components to any successful business:

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear . . .

You are going to become a profitable real estate investor when you finish this program.

It will teach you what you need to know to get to the higher level in life.