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Working with Michael has been a breath of fresh air. His no-nonsense style and experience as both an investor and running a direct mail marketing company gives him a leg up on just about any in the industry in my opinion. Over the years he has developed a finely tuned system as well as a mindset that is adaptable to any market, by anyone. That is solely driven towards success. It’s not a bunch of glitz and flash. Just hard work and a dedication to an understanding of how to position yourself for success. From getting the phone to ring, qualifying the lead, knocking on the door and closing the deal. He genuinely seems to enjoy the time he spends with his students. Promptly returning phone calls and emails, as well as checking in to make sure the concepts are being grasped. Michael’s tutelage has more than paid for itself already, and I’m excited to continue to push my boundaries going forward as I seek to dominate my market.

Preston Hamilton

Investor, Oregon (Coaching Program Review)

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my real estate career was to take Michael Quarles’ Real Estate Investor Coaching program. I had been investing for ten years already but wanted to take things to the next level and earn more money. Michael’s coaching program has proved to be an extremely wise and profitable decision. Since I took the program, I have done over ten deals which have provided me with great profits. On one deal that he helped me with, I made over $100,000 profit. And on another I made over $40,000. The Real Estate knowledge Michael has taught me is second to none. More importantly though, he has taught me the importance of marketing to find motivated sellers. He is the best in the business at marketing. I strongly recommend Michael Quarles’ coaching program to other folks.


Investor, New York (Coaching Program Review)

I met Michael in the fall of 2010, at that time, everything I was doing was not working. I was dumping money down the drain. I took Michael’s mentoring program where I learned the right way to market and negotiate with home owners. He also helped me in selecting the right list to mail to, however, I never took action. Finally, in 2012 I decided to take action based on what Michael had taught me. I built a marketing campaign and re-enrolled in Michael’s One-on-One mentoring program. By December, I had made about $130,000. Last year, I bought and sold 30 properties all using Michael’s strategies and for sending out my mails. My total revenue was $320,000. Last month alone, I profited $55,000. I cannot thank Michael enough for teaching me.

Ayo Fayiga

Investor, Houston (Coaching Program Review)

Thank you Michael for doing this podcast. For new investors beginning Michael does a fantastic job loading the investor’s lips when talking to sellers and buyers. He is frank and doesn’t hold back the steps that you need to take to be successful in real estate investing. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Angel 1007

Michael Lays it all down for you! (Podcast Review)

I just found this podcast two days ago, and i finished listening to the last episode available. Michael’s podcast is packed with great content, useful tips, and ideas and tools that you can put into practice immediately to grow your real estate fortune, IF you put this information into Action! Thank you Michael for all that you do!

Bailey Blasdale

Packed With Great Content! (Podcast Review)

Michael shares his abundant knowledge and experience with great passion. He not only delivers high value information, but teaches the reason and the rationale behind the techniques. Michael has been sharing his amazing best practices on other podcasts for years. Thanks for starting your own podcast Michael. I can’t wait to hear more!

CMC Homes

Michael is the Real Deal (Podcast Review)

This podcast has the best information out there. I can literally take Michael’s advice and implement it into my business literally the same day. My favorite episode so far is the “handling objections” episode. It has saved my butt when I’m on the phone with a seller, whereas before i wouldn’t know how to respond. Thank you Michael! Keep it up!


Best Podcast Out There (Podcast Review)

So much to learn in this podcast!Michael doesn’t waste any time with the fluff. Very well done, excellent info if you want to learn about REI, creative acquisitions, negotiations, etc.


Michael is a Jedi Master (Podcast Review)

The podcasts are awesome! I’ve been waiting for Michael to come out with something like this! Great information from one of the best in the business!

James Scott

Awesome! (Podcast Review)

What an amazing podcast. I look forward to it every day. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into creating these podcasts to help educate us and answer our questions!


Look forward to it every day (Podcast Review)

Learning from a power investor who makes massive profits… No details left out just good straight forward information. Perfect for beginners or seasoned investors.

Ronnie Boyd

Advice from a seasoned pro (Podcast Review)

This podcast should be on the top of your list, high quality, fast moving and excellent investment info!!!


Investor (Podcast Review)

Michael has helped me with talking to potential sellers. His podcast has been very helpful.

Kris Hodges

Loads of Knowledge (Podcast Review)

Everyone of these podcasts is jam packed with top notch, on point information!


Top Notch Info! (Podcast Review)

The podcasts are very helpful and straight to the point without any extra fluff!!!


Love it! (Podcast Review)