Podcast 047 - How Many Leads Does it Take To Create a Deal?


We go over how many leads it takes to make a deal, and more…

  1. What percentage of the gold coaching program students actually get a wholetail deal done within the first 6 month period of the program?
  2. How many contacts with potential sellers does it usually take in Bakersfield and Kern county market to get to a wholetail deal?
  3. Is it realistic to expect to get a wholetail deal done with sending out a thousand letters of direct mail a month?
  4. Can you explain the process of putting together the financing and closing of a wholetail deal as a beginner without using any of your own cash?
  5. How and when do you begin to implement the two part seller script if the initial contact was a cold call and not them responding to a marketing piece?
  6. How do you feel about partnerships in your business model? Do you feel that one is beneficial if funds and resources are being pooled together and profits are being split 50%?
  7. If you could buy properties virtually rather than going to appointments every day, is it worth it even if you may not be able to negotiate the price as much than if you were to physically see them in person?

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