Podcast 044 - Negotiating a Deal


In today’s podcast Michael joins us and role plays with James on how he would negotiate a deal, and more…

  1.  When buying a property for cash with a lien on it that the seller has no idea what the amount is, is it better to put it under contract for the amount and then renegotiate for price after the title runs a title search?
  2.  When you come across a property wit confusion with who is the actual owner, like from an inheritance for example, should you just get it under contract with the so called owner and just hope that escrow do their search and hope that he is on the Title?
  3. How important is estimating exact repairs if we plan on getting a BPO regardless?
  4. How would a perfect whole-tail deal be orchestrated if a seller only wants cash and knows that the days on market are only a couple of weeks?

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