Podcast 028 - How to Handle a Seller Who is Trying to Take Over the Situation


We go over how to handle a seller who is trying to take over the situation, and more…

  1. Can you talk about what you do in your coaching program? What makes your program different from the other programs out there? Do you actually have 1 on 1 coaching or is everything videos and a few group phone calls?
  2. What do you do with mail that comes back with the yellow “Return to Sender” sticker
  3. When following up with sellers at 15, 30, 60, and 90 days, do you reference the original price they were asking for the house, even if it was way too much? Or do you go through the script like you don’t know how much they want?
  4. I went through a property today that is listed on the market but Seller said it has been on the market multiple times and not sold.
  5. I have had this problem happen a couple times recently. I will go through the entire script, make the appointment and find in my research the numbers do not work. I will call them back and let them know that after doing some research, I cannot find anything to support the number they gave me. They will then want me to make them an offer. This will lead to a back and forth and the seller will get frustrated. I try my best to end the conversation politely, but sometimes it will end with them getting upset with me. What am I doing wrong in this situation?
  6. When asking about the repairs needed, how many questions should the investor ask? What would you suggest?

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