Podcast 007 - How To Determine What Leads To Mail To


We go over how to determine what leads to mail to, and more…

    1. Is the ratio still 1 out of 9 sellers you present the 65% offer to that will actually accept it?
    2. What do you suggest when Trulia doesn’t have the median sales price for an area?


    1. In addition to mailing to absentee owners and using your cluster marketing formula, I’m going to send out letters to houses I found through Sweat Marketing. I plan on sending 6 different looking envelopes. Should I put my return address on the envelopes? Wouldn’t the seller recognize the same address on the envelopes each month and trash it before opening it? My goal is to get them to open every letter?


    1. I am going to start marketing in Florida and I know we want to market to absentee owners first. But I think a lot of those owners may own those homes as vacation homes. What would you do in that situation because a lot of those absentee owners probably don’t have any motivation to sell since the homes are vacation/retirement homes? Your thoughts?
    2. Real Estate agents are telling me the local MLS will fine agents listing properties that are not already closed on and owned. Does this sound like it’s NOT true from inexperienced agents or have you found markets where you can’t list a property before closing?
    3. Does the CMA come before or after getting the contract signed?

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