Podcast 003 - How To Set Up Concurrent Closing


We go over how to properly set up concurrent closing, and more…

  1. I am buying homes in a more expensive market. If I buy these more expensive homes for 85 cents on the dollar I can still make $25,000. Is that okay because I am having trouble buying the more expensive homes for 60-70 cents on the dollar. It seems like that works better for the less expensive homes.
  2. If I have a property under contract, and I don’t have a lot of cash and can’t sell it within 60 days what would you suggest? Walk away/ terminate the contract, get hard money, fix it carry it to retail?
  3. what are some ways to handle objections when working through the 2-part seller script if the seller wonders how or why are we negotiating price without even knowing the address?
  4. How would you proceed with getting a BPO, inspection, and appraisal with a tenant currently occupying the property?
  5. I contracted to buy a house and now I’m finding out it’s not worth nearly the amount the seller and I contracted to close on.  Does Michael ever have to do this and does he have any type of form he gets the seller to sign when dissolving a purchase contract?
  6. How much on average can I expect to profit on each deal when wholetailing?
  7. Can you explain concurrent closing?

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