1 – Business Sense

Course 1 – Business Sense

What are the foundational components of your business model for successful Massive Profits in Real Estate Investing? What works within this unique model, and what generally does not work, either now or down the road? In this portion of the program, you are going cruise over in detail the many areas of your business that you will not want to pass by, you will want to double check, and if needed, secure it by following these principles of success as you travel down the road to massive profits. Let’s make it a smooth ride all the way.

Modules in this Course
Module Description

Module 1.1

Understanding the Roles of the technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur

There are many hats to be worn under your business roof. In this course we define the differences across each of these rolls; technician, manager, and entrepreneur. You will be guided how to best separate the duties and actions from each, and how to manage the stewardship and accountability from each with great success.

Module 1.2

Business Goals

Discover the “on-purpose” goals across 6 vital areas of your life that directly influence the outcome of your successful massive investing profits. Whether you are presently a goal setter or only a mild one, you will have revealed to you the unique goals that affect the outcome of your business by charting your expectations in these 6 vital areas in advance.Remember that unless you know your exact destination, you cannot stop and ask for direction. Setting goals “on-purpose” in these 6 unique vital areas is paramount to your massive success.

Module 1.3

Business Entity

Did you know that the type of business entity you choose will have a direct impact upon your business down the road?, In this phase of our training you will discover how to position yourself in the marketplace, unique to the Real Estate Investor area of business with specific legal descriptions of your business. A business entity could be a Sole Proprietorship, an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), S-Corp (S Corporation), Corporations, Cooperative or Partnerships. The business structure you choose will have unique and varying legal and tax implications. We will address which type of business structure and why? There is not just one universal “one size fits all” answer, and we dig into this today so you can begin on the right track for yourself.

Module 1.4

Business Name

What’s in a name? Of all the many name possibilities, if you get this one wrong, some names will slow your massive results down, and possibly to a snail’s pace. We will work together to determine your business name in order to maximize your profitability. A quality business name is paramount when dealing with sellers and the buyers underlying lender appropriate.

Module 1.5

Web Presence

This is about your URL, the web name you own, and getting page one rankings in search engines. Many other technical details are associated with this, and we will cover these too. We will also help create a website for your use and a business appropriate email address. This web site needs to impact your marketing and your ROI.

Module 1.6

Telephone Solutions

There are many critical choices here, and you want to be positioned well as soon as possible. Knowing the options, benefits and requirements will allow us to work together to build a scalable solution just right for where you are now, and expand into the future. We will cover things like the differences between self-answer, voicemail answer and live answer and how or when each one may appropriately achieve your goals.

Module 1.7

Business Address

What address should you use? Where and Why? How do you select an address appropriate for many phases of the operations of your business and to do so cost effectively? You may want to also consider anonymity from other areas of your personal and professional life. All of these considerations are crucial when dealing with both prospects and professionals as a massive Real Estate Investor.

Module 1.8

Business Brand/logo

You say you have a logo? Great! However, there’s more to branding than just a logo, and particularly as a Real Estate Investor. Brand awareness is a compliment of strategies orchestrated to harmonize together as one to create awareness of your brand in the minds of your prospects. Together we are going to cover the influential points surrounding effective brand awareness campaigns in your massive profits investing success.