8 – Business Systemization

Course 8 – Business Systemization

Learn an on purpose approach to running your business as an entrepreneur. Moving from a start-up to a mega star business. You will learn and understand the components of the technician, manager and entrepreneur and how each play a role in every successful business. My goal for you is to have a duplicable business model which creates massive amounts of success at the end of our one year together.

Modules in this Course Module Description

Module 8.1

Where to Begin

Sit back and buckle up as we take you for a ride. Here you will have presented before you the step-by-step approach to systematizing your business. There is work to be done for certain, however, you have someone in the driver’s seat steering you down the path, leading you from the beginning to the finish line. That’s when you become the winner.

Module 8.2

Making Stupid Smart

You’ve heard of Dumb and Dumber? Well, this is not that. In this course you will learn through your participation the mindset behind making stupid smart. Once you learn this, there is only one direction to progress, otherwise you didn’t learn. To achieve massive results, you need to learn how to make stupid smart.

Module 8.3

Don’t Run Out of Toilet Paper

Don’t know what we’re talking about here? Never been in such a bind? Well, after this course, you will never forget those things that should just never be forgotten, no, never. Some things are just too critical for your investment success, and we are not talking about success, but massive profits. So join in and be comfortable, there are plenty of rolls to go around.

Module 8.4

Get your Business to a Place Where You Can Count on Things Being Done Reliably and Consistently

Imagine yourself as a profitable Investor where you can confidently rely on consistency in your business. This not only means success and stability, it means so much more because it is scalable. Learn how you can grow your business to massive proportions when you can count on things being done reliably and consistently.

Module 8.5

Understanding the Importance Systems Play in a Business.

The most successful Corporations have business process models, and means of measuring objective assessment. You are in business to be profitable, and you must escalate and scale up your business in order to reach massive profits. This is how you do it, by building and implementing complete systems. This is a systems approach that is just as simple as “Burger-Fry-Coke.”

Module 8.6

Learn to Build and Implement Complete Systems

This course will take you into the nuts and bolts of building and implementing complete systems within your business. Learn how to design, implement and manage your infrastructure. Manage your business, don’t let it manage you.

Module 8.7

System Quantification

How do you know when you have arrived? How on track are you, or are you off track, and by how much? You will not only know when you have arrived, but you will be able to know even more. Understand where you are at any given point, through System Quantification. We teach you our system quantification, and you will never be in the dark again.

Module 8.8

On Purpose Actions

When you do something on purpose, the connotation is that it was premeditated. That is absolutely correct, and in this course you will learn step-by-step each of these “on-purpose” actions until they are internalized, and become a part of you. Do not leave this to chance, learn each of these on-purpose actions, they are a prerequisite to your acquisition of massive profits.