6 – Lead Fulfillment

Course 6 – Lead Fulfillment

Massively important. When cash is limited or not required having an awareness and knowledge of Subject To, Seller Financing, and Equity Credit purchase models is paramount. Learning how to buy property with little or no cash down will allow you achieve massive income levels. Not knowing how to buy with no money down will extremely hinder an investors performance even when cash is readily available.

Modules in this Course Module Description

Module 6.1

The No Money Down Game Plan

Let’s draw up your game plan, a plan that incorporates navigating through the obstacles of the No Money Down investing strategy. In this Course module, you will learn all about the No Money Down Game Plan, and how we have used this in our business to create massive profits. After all, that is why you are here, to see how we have used these strategies to create massive profits, and you can too.

Module 6.2

Learn Subject To Investing

  • Massive Investing
  • Passive Investing
This is a very powerful and versatile investing strategy. Through this Course module we will guide you through the basics, and then we will turn on the magic to teach you our tried and proven methods, combinations, and strategies used for the building of massive investing profits and also the methods for profits through our passive investing models. You can begin now using our Massive and Passive, Subject To investing methods to generate your personal wealth.

Module 6.3

Seller Financing

  1. Price
  2. Down Payment
  3. Interest Rate
  4. Term (Length of Loan)
With all of the many ways and means of creating massive profits through Real Estate investing, the use of Seller Financing should not be overlooked. We will not only take a look, we are going to really open your eyes to how you can best use our methods to create for yourself massive profits. We will be training you on Price, Down Payment, and Interest Rates, and how to strategically arrive at the right figures so that you will always and “on-purpose” be in control of the appropriate profits with the each of the qualified parties to the sale.

Module 6.4

Learn why Cash Costs the Prospects

You will need to learn how and why cash costs the prospect in order to effectively communicate and negotiate the pros and cons in either direction so your qualified prospect comes to a meeting of the minds, and the property closes profitably. Understanding and truly knowing all of the facts surrounding each of your prospective investments are critical elements and is your strongest asset when generating massive profits. Learn from this Course module why cash costs the prospect.

Module 6.5

Grouping Cash, Seller Financing and Subject To

Now that you have received training on our methods and strategies on Subject To, and Seller Financing, we are taking this to the next level by grouping Cash, Seller Financing and Subject To together. It is not always what it seems to be, even when it is right in front of your eyes. The basic knowledge is available to everyone, so why do some generate massive profits, while others struggle? Through our Courses, and in this module, you will gain this insight, as well as the systems and strategies we use to create massive profits by grouping Cash, Seller Financing, and Subject To strategies together.

Module 6.6

Hard Money and Equity Lenders

Does money grow on trees, or fall from the sky? Well, to some it does, a fruit farmer says it grows on trees, and so true when rain waters fall upon his crops. It is perspective. We are going to train you in this Course module how to secure and best use hard money and also equity Lenders.  When should you use one and not the other? Again, you will be trained in our methods, and also the decision factors we systematically utilize in our decision making models. There are great opportunities for massive profits when Hard Money and Equity Lenders are best utilized.

Module 6.7

Equity Partners

You say you like Opium? Or was that OPM? That’s right, Other People’s Money. In this “cold hard facts” Course module you are going to get into our tried and true methods of assessing the risks and benefits of using Equity Partners. You will learn how to evaluate and qualify quality prospective Equity Partners, and how to negotiate favorable arrangements. In order to do this, you will need a systematic approach, and benchmarked formulas to reach the necessary data for your profitable contractual arrangements with Equity Partners.

Module 6.9

Building Professionalism

Have you ever noticed the difference between a plain old rock, and one that has gone through a refining process in a rock tumbler? One rock is nice, but the other rock is polished, and shines, and all of its inner beauty is now surface visible at first glance. That is the difference between a diamond in the rough and a true professional. That doesn’t mean you must dress in a new Italian hand tailored suit, because it is not what’s on the outside that makes the true Professional, but rather the inside. So, come inside this module, where you will be trained in our methods of what makes a true Professional.