4 – Lead Valuation

Course 4 – Lead Valuation

A complete understanding of property valuation and property repair evaluation. Two must have skill sets when determining worth value and money values. Not only will you learn how to estimate repair cost like a contractor you will also learn and have a thorough understanding of the components of property evaluation from both a after repair value and “As Is” perspective.

Modules in this Course Module Description

Module 4.1

Determining ARV (After Repair Value)

Watch and learn as you take away from this course the exact method used in determining the “after repair value” (ARV) of the property. It is not just the unique approach we share with you, but we also show you how you communicate and use this data during the process we have prepared for you to follow. So, get tuned in and learn how the ARV is determined and communicated in this course.

Module 4.2

Determining “As Is” Value (Worth Value)

With a variety of calculations to choose from, we will teach you our method for the ultimate demonstration in how you should approach determining the “As-Is” value, or the “Worth” value of a property to achieve massive profits in your investments. We will also show you how to combine this with other strategies into your presentation.

Module 4.3

Determining Money Value

What is “Money Value” you ask? Join us now as we take you down the path of yet another of the many lessons where you learn how to take the lead in discussions with your prospects while determining the “Money Value” of the property. You will need to understand each approach both forward and backward, and how and when to bring these into the conversation in order to arrive at a winning solution.

Module 4.6

Trending Information

This is an important skill to develop, and in this course you will learn the details of what you need to perfect the craft of tending information in order to gain the necessary knowledge that empowers you within the negotiation process.  You are responsible for knowing everything about that property, and the information you have tended levels the playing field when establishing real property value.

Module 4.7

First Six Pack

This is not what you think, you cannot negotiate under the influence. But in a manner of speaking, yes, you absolutely must!  The First Six-Pack has to do with gathering specific information by conducting special interviews. We are going to take you down this road, and you will practices drill and rehearse so that you internalize these steps. This is a 2 x 3 approach to information gathering through special interviews.

Module 4.8

Second Six Pack

This sound familiar? Well, it is but it isn’t. It is round two of the Six-Pack information gathering approach, and again, you will be trained on the details that make this a hammer on success from within your bag of information gathering tools. This is a 2 x 3 matrix pattern of information gathering through local sources.

Module 4.9

Minimum Repair Standards

What would you consider as the Minimum Repairs Standard? We will show you our clear and decisive definition of the minimum repairs standard and how this is integrated onto the overall conversation with your prospect. You will learn our formulas and how we use the strategies associated with their use for everyday lead valuation.

Module 4.10

What to do if you are going to rehab

In this module we cover the items and steps you must take in order to achieve a successful rehab flip. Although I am a wholetailer, at times I find the need to do a basic rehab of the property and this module covers those items.  We cover everything from trash out to paint colors; from for sale signs to tile floors. We cover the basic items that you do to a house in order to maximize your return while at the same time limiting your cost and exposure.

Module 4.11

Hiring Labor

When do you hire labor? How do you go about doing this? How do you acquire great talent at a profitable rate? What systems do you use to manage your labor? We answer each of these questions and a lot more in this course. There will be times where you will need to hire labor, and you don’t want to jeopardize the project with poor decisions or bad experiences. Learn from our systematic approach to hiring great labor.

Module 4.12

Talking to Contractors

Do you have a background as a General Contractor, or a sub-contractor? If not, then you will be able to master the art of talking to Contractors from this course. There are always terms and trade secrets in every field of work. Know the legalities and know your rights, and understand the common mistakes and approach needed to avoid these costly blunders through this training.

Module 4.13

Minimum Lender Repair Requirements

We have developed a unique and systematic approach to meeting minimum lender repair requirements, without exceeding them, and through our formula we generate massive profits from our investments. Learn how to do the same through this course. That’s why our results are not average, our methods and systems are not.