3 – Lead Capture

Course 3 – Lead Capture

Effective utilization of inbound and outbound prospect capture systems. Implementing systems and skill sets locally and virtually on maximize the lead generation. Through the program you will be learning what to say and how to present your business model for the highest profit potential.

Modules in this Course Module Description

Modules 3.1

Determining Motivation

What are the underlying concerns, needs, and circumstances masqueraded behind the owner being agreeable with the sale of their property? How can these revealing factors help pinpoint the course of actions you will initiate? Understanding is the beginning of being understood with this course on determining motivation. Begin this course now.

Modules 3.2

Prospect Communication Scripts

  • Inbound Call Script
  • Outbound Call Script
  • Follow-up Call Script
What should you say, or not say? Are they calling you, or are you calling them? If I have but only a few seconds to get their attention, is there a way to know what the best thing to say ought to be? Our answer is an astounding and indefatigable YES! We also will break down a perfect follow up script. These are the same scripts used by a multi-million dollar massive profit producing investor. They work. So be sure to implement these in your practice as soon as you possibly can, today.

Modules 3.3

Inbound Call Capture Services

  • Voicemail
  • Self Live Answer
  • Service Live Answer
  • Employed Live Answer
Leverage; how do you capitalize off of using outsource inbound call services? We will cover everything you need to know in order to design and systematize your own Inbound Call Capture services using voicemail, Self-Live, Service-Live and Employed-Live answering of your inbound inquiries, and you do not want to drop the ball here. So, don’t drop the ball, get it done right by following this course now.

Modules 3.4

Tracking and Follow-up System

  • Cold Prospects
  • Warm Prospects
  • Past Customers
Are you losing profits because prospects slip through the cracks? They won’t slip past you anymore with this tracking and follow-up system. We will train you on how you too can enjoy massive profits using this proven tracking and follow-up system for cold prospects, with your warm prospects and even help you to re-target you past prospects. Never lose a prospect again to inefficient and cumbersome systems. Patch the cracks, and get your system in place today, and keep all your prospecting efforts profitable.

Modules 3.5

Marketing Analysis

Yes, you too will learn the deep secrets of market analysis, so that you too can penetrate and discover the nuggets of massive profits in any market of your choice. We will teach you the tools, the strategies, and the formulas we use to create massive profits through our due diligence of marketing analysis. Marketing analysis is a beginning mile-marker to success, so get on this training road where every mile is paved with success – as fast as you can.

Modules 3.6

Virtual Assistant Duties

There comes a time where you cannot and should not do it all yourself. “When?” and “How?” are questions you should be asking. In this course, we take a look at the world of outsourcing and teach you how to find the perfect Virtual Assistant. The obvious places to look may not be the best places to look. How do you make your selection process efficient and effective, what are the pay rates or other compensation models I could follow? How do I define duties, measure results and maintain accountability? Learn the answers to these questions and more, when you enter into this course today on Virtual Assistant duties.

Modules 3.7

Appointment Setting

Juggling 4 or 5 balls can be very entertaining to watch, but when it’s you doing all of the juggling, it takes concentration and skill. We will share with you the skills used in our system for setting appointments, and the outlined duties that you don’t want to miss out on. Keep yourself moving forward toward massive investment profits using our systematic approach to these appointment setting duties.

Modules 3.8

Appointment Killing

Did you say Killing? Yes, because sometimes you need to do just that. We will go over the finer points, the do’s and the don’ts, the why and why not’s of appointment killing. Become a smooth operating professional, be in control, and be on top of your most highest and profitable “use” at all times.