Podcast 009 - Changes to Make During Times of Recession in a Buyer’s Market


We go over what changes to make during times of recession in a buyer’s market, and more…

  1. When can I start mailing again after going a long period of time without mailing?
  2. Should I send out my mailing campaign if a holiday is coming up soon?
  3. If you take a home via Subject-To and plan to Whole tail it, does the land trust have to be recorded?
  4. What are some ways to handle objections when working through the 2-part seller script if the seller wonders how or why are we negotiating price without even knowing the address?
  5. Changes to Make During Times of Recession in a Buyer’s Market
  6. What contract should we use for virtual investing?

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What changes should I make during times of recession?Get Started with Real Estate Investing!Text Investor to 313131

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