Podcast 002 – Do I Need A Real Estate License To Be An Investor?


We go over whether or not you should get a real estate license in order to become an investor, and more…

  1. If I am using the Alex VA system, what name should I use on the marketing piece? My name or Alex? I used Alex because it was suggested by support but I wanted to know if it made a difference.
  2. Do you offer to show pictures of an investment property were trying to sell? Even though it is in bad condition?
  3. Do we clean the house before potential buyers view the house? Or do we hire a cleaning service or do we do it ourselves?
  4. Do you suggest we get a real estate license if I am an investor? What are the pros and cons of getting my real estate license?
  5. I know every seller will be different but does Michael have a prioritization on how he prefers to buy/tie up homes?
    1. Subject To
    2. Seller Financing
    3. Wrap Around Mortgage
    4. Cash
  6. When purchasing is the idea to drive down the purchase price, get control of the property by putting it under contract and then immediately begin to resale marketing activity?
  7. What is the difference between Assignment, Wholesaling, and Wholetailing?

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