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Folks Let’s be Perfectly Clear About Your Future

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Albert Einstein

Unless you’re already wealthy and have more money than you have ever imagined, you better stop doing what you’re currently doing. What you have done in the past HAS NOT WORKED! Stop doing it and start using my system to create wealth through real estate!
So here is my question to you: would like to know how to accomplish massive results for yourself?

Here is what I have learned, the simpler things are, the more powerful they are, and the more realistic it becomes to allow anyone…including YOU…to REACH, OR SURPASS, YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTING GOALS!!

You can be successful in real estate, I know.

I Don’t Preach, I Create Real Estate Investors

Have you taken courses, purchased CDs, or even gone to boot camps?

If this describes you then let me forewarn you that you are in for an awakening like none before. My system does not preach to you about investing:


It Creates Real Estate Investors!


Gives You the Systems to Create Unheard of Wealth!


It WILL Teach You Investing!

My program is geared towards implementing an on purpose system that will take you to your goal, whether that goal is One Hundred Thousand dollars or One Million. During our journey, you will be taught the most important components to any successful business:

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Let Me Be Perfectly Clear . . .

You are going to become a profitable real estate investor when you finish this program.
It will teach you what you need to know to get to the higher level in life.


It is my belief that without all seven business phases operating in a cohesive manner that profitability will be hindered. By following my seven phases you will achieve massive profits in real estate investing.

Simply put, you will be buying houses for profit. My expectation for you is to buy twelve homes over a one year period. Each of those homes should average an income of $27,000.
Throughout the program you will learn the seven phases of business in order to achieve your business, personal and income goals, while creating an “on-purpose” business model implementing actions through systematization.

Here is what is included in your Monthly Membership:

13 Weekly Live Training Calls

You read that right. Once you sign up you will immediately be able to join any of our 6 LIVE training calls created to help you become a better investor.

Complete 8 Module Course

You Gain Access to My Complete 8-Module Training Program Designed to Take You From Beginner to Pro! (I used to charge people over $1,000 to get these modules)

Hundreds of Past Live Recordings

We record every weekly training and because of that we now have over 300 past trainings ready for you to watch and learn from!

Weekly Q&A Calls

Once a week you will be able to jump on a live call and get any questions you have answered. We designed this program to eliminate any excuses for failure.

Live Weekly Topic Calls

Always stay up to date with current real estate investing strategies. Each week we host a live call sharing with you what we are up to and how we are investing today!

Over 50 Downloadable Resources

We give you all the tools you need to be successful. Inside our membership you will find contracts, scripts, forms, worksheets, and pre-recorded audios.

Course Outline:

Course 1

8 Modules

What are the foundational components of your successful Massive Profits in Real Estate Investing business model? What works within this unique model, and what generally does not work, either now or down the road? In this portion of the program, we are going to cruise over in detail the many areas of your business that you will not want to pass by, you will want to double check, and if needed, secure it, by following these principles of success as you travel down the road to massive profits. Let’s make it a smooth ride all the way. (read more)

Course 2

8 Modules

While designing and building your prospective lead sources, we take a deep dive into what generates the highest ROI matrix of qualified prospects for your marketing dollars. You will catch the wave while you learn various marketing methods to create oceans of motivated leads from our thirty or so prospect groups. Enjoy a paradise of both “paid” and “sweat” marketing methods for the highest gain possible. Sail away into massive profits today with this Lead Generation phase of our training. (read more)

Course 3

8 Modules

Effective utilization of inbound and outbound prospect capture systems. Implementing systems and skill sets locally and virtually on maximize the lead generation. Through our coaching you will learning what to say and how to present your business model for the highest profit potential. (read more)

Course 4

11 Modules

A complete understanding of property valuation and property repair evaluation. Two must have skill sets when determining worth value and money values. Not only will you learn how to estimate repair cost like a contractor you will also learn and have a thorough understanding of the components of property evaluation from both a after repair value and “As Is” perspective. (read more)

Course 5

9 Modules

Paramount importance. You will learn how to negotiate with your prospects with an on purpose dialog to discover and uncover a prospects motivation and ultimately contract for the highest profit returns. Learning negotiation is powerful and will create massive business success while also creating win win solutions for your prospect. (read more)

Course 6

8 Modules

Massively important. When cash is limited or not required having an awareness and knowledge of Subject To, Seller Financing, and Equity Credit purchase models is paramount. Learning how to buy property with little or no cash down will allow you achieve massive income levels. Not knowing how to buy with no money down will extremely hinder an investors performance even when cash is readily available. (read more)

Course 7

9 Modules

A complete understanding and knowledge of Wholetailing, Assigning, Wholesaling, Rehab Flipping and Multiple Listing Service resell strategies. Understanding where the “Money” will come from is as important as knowing how to make lead generation run effortless. (read more)

Course 8

8 Modules

Learn an on purpose approach to running your business as an entrepreneur. Moving from a start-up to a mega star business. You will learn and understand the components of the technician, manager and entrepreneur and how each play a role in every successful business. My goal for you is to have a duplicable business model which creates massive amounts of success at the end of our one year together. (read more)

You Will Never Run Out of Calls to Attend:

2-Part Seller Script Calls – 5x Each Week

Every day of the week join in on this live call where we actually show you how to use our very own built script so you never have to wonder what to say to sellers ever again.


Contract Review Call – 1x Per Week

Have questions about a contract you just wrote? Join in each week and we will go over your contract with you to make sure everything is is order for a smooth purchase.

Question & Answers Call – 1x Per Week

Any question you have about real estate will be answered. Even if you don’t have questions you can still jump on and hear what other people are asking!

Neuro-linguistics Training Call – 1x Per Week

Struggle with speaking to sellers? We actually have a weekly call where we act out a seller phone call. Practice makes perfect.

Topic Discussion Call – 1x Per Week

Each week we choose a specific topic in real estate and cover it with all of our members who attend so they can stay up to date in their business.


Marketing Chart Call – 3x Each Week

Ever wonder where to send all of your marketing pieces to? During this call we show you how to use our custom created marketing chart so you can find your perfect leads!

Deal Workshop Call – 1x Per Week

In this class we walk you through step by step how to take a lead and turn it into a profitable deal!

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